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I am an assistant professor of Sociology at Hendrix College, Arkansas. Prior, I received my PhD in the Sociology of Education in the Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities Department at New York University. I specialize in LGBTQ issues in Palestine with a focus on education, family life, and the Palestinian Queer Movement. I also study LGBTQ life in the Middle East and North Africa with a focus on political and cultural factors of LGBTQ change since the Arab uprisings erupted in 2011.

Throughout my academic career, I taught or currently teaching Introduction to Socilogy, Sociology of the Family, Feminist and Queer Theory, Social Movements, Human Sexuality, People of the MENA, Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies, Global Culture Wars, Introduction to U.S. Education, and Comparative Politics, Education, and Conflict. I presented my research at various conferences including the National Women's Studies Association, Comparative and International Education Society, and the American Sociological Association.  

At the University of Cincinnati, I was the graduate student representative on the Steering Committee of the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative. I also facilitated LGBTQ Safe Zone trainings through the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department and the LGBTQ Center there.

Due to my upbringing in both Palestinian and Israeli cultures and speaking both Arabic and Hebrew, I regularly guest-lecture and participate in workshops on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Palestinian citizens of Israel as part of efforts to create a better understanding of the region in the U.S. Currently, I am a member of the selection committee for the FLTA (Foreign Language Teaching Assistant) Fulbright program which brings native Arabic speaker educators from Israel-Palestine to teach Arabic at American universities. I personally was part of this program as an instructor and cultural exchange ambassador. 

Prior, I worked as a regional c
oordinator and teacher of the English Access Microscholarship Program run by the U.S. Department of State in Bedouin Arab high schools in Southern Israel. 

Learn more about me here and here

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