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Works in Progress

El Amoor, Izat. “Between the Anticolonial and the Sociocultural – A Critique of The Palestinian Queer Movement”.


El Amoor Izat. “Steering Palestinian LGBTQ Life: The Absence of Family-Focused Work in the LGBTQ Palestinian Struggle”.


El Amoor, Izat. “Fears and Dreams: Three Decades of LGBTQ Lived Experiences in Palestinian Schools”.  


El Amoor, Izat. “From Exclusion to Outsider Inclusion: Education as a Tool for Assessing Changes in Palestinian LGBTQ Life”.  

Forthcoming Book (2026)

El Amoor, Izat. Anticolonial LGBTQ Intersectionality is Flawed: Constructing a Sociocultural Approach to LGBTQ Liberation in Palestine.


Research Areas 

  • Queer Studies

  • LGBTQ issues in Palestine

  • Gender and sexuality

  • LGBTQ issues in Education

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • LGBTQ Social Movements in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa)

  • Social, Cultural, and Education Theories

  • Israel-Palestine

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