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Peer Reviewed Journal Article  

El Amoor, Izat. “Closets and institutions: Queer Teacher Exclusion in the Israeli High School System”. Sexualities 22, no, 5-6 (2018): 883-900.   

Book Chapter

El Almoor, Izat. “Queering Their Honor.” In Negotiating Spiritual Violence in the Queer Community, pp. 43-50. Information Age Publication, 2019. 

Analysis Op-Eds 

For Queer Palestinians Like Me, Intersectionality Isn't Working. Haaretz. November 11, 2021. 

As Netflix Puts Gay Characters in Arabic Show, Can Pop Culture Queer Representation Make LGBT Rights More Mainstream? The New Arab. Febraury 2, 2022. 

Queer Palestinian Lives Matter: Sarit Ahmad’s Death Must Count.  June 14, 2023. Raseef22 English.


Queer Palestinian Lives Matter: Sarit Ahmad’s Death Must Count. June 14, 2023. Raseef22 Arabic.

Film Review

Elamoor, Izat. “Sick Fantasy of Angels Dreaming of Healing”. Film Review of Angels in America. Qadita Magazine. November 30, 2010. In Arabic.

Forthcoming (Fall 2023)

El Amoor, Izat. “​The Queer Concert: LGBTQ Resistance-Music in the Egyptian Social and Political Uprising”. Journal of Resistance Studies. 

Book (2026)
El Amoor, Izat. Anticolonial LGBTQ Intersectionality is Flawed: Constructing a Sociocultural Approach to LGBTQ Liberation in Palestine. Palgrave Macmillan.

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